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HOMER is a robust, carrier-grade, scalable SIP Capture system and Monitoring Application with HEP, IP Proto4 (IPIP) encapsulation & port mirroring/monitoring support right out of the box. HOMER has thousands of deployments including notorious industry vendors and large network providers worldwide, and is ready to process & store insane amounts of signaling with instant search, end-to-end analysis and drill-down capabilities for ITSPs, VoIP Providers and Trunk Suppliers using SIP signaling.

Capture Node

Role: Collects/indexes mirrored packets and statistics
Based on sipcapture module for industry standard Kamailio/OpenSER/OpenSIPS comes with powerful fine-tuning and filtering options, flawlessly handling millions of packets per node/hour and billions of database records.

Capture Agent

Role: Captures/forwards packets to capture node
Native HEP capture agents are supported out-of-the-box in Kamailio/OpenSER, OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk
Any other platform supported via Homer's universal Capture Agent with HEP3 & Filtering for total flexibility

Server Features:

  • Thousands of packets/sec
  • Multiple database options
  • Powerful UI Search/Filter
  • Native Call-Flow & PCAP
  • Statistic Charts & Analytics
  • REST API & Widgets
  • Multi-User w/ LDAP, Radius
  • Drag & Drop User-Interface

Agent Features:

  • HEP3 Encapsulation
  • Payload Encryption
  • Payload Compression
  • Modular Design
  • TLS Support
  • Heavy-Duty, Prod. Ready
  • Linux,Solaris,BSD/OSX,Win32

Native Platforms:

  • Kamailio
  • OpenSIPS
  • Asterisk
  • FreeSWITCH
  • * captagent
  • * sipgrep
  • * sngrep
  • ... and more!

HOMER is 100% Free and Open-Source
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Technical Support:


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Development Support

  • Online access to our Devs
  • API/UI Customizations
  • Accelerate Integrations

Production Support

  • 24/7 SLA Support Plans
  • Deploy, Scale, Monitor
  • Hotfixes, Upgrades Included

Advanced Training

  • Hands-on custom Workshops
  • Learn from Core Devs
  • Fully Interactive Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our most useful and overlooked resources - our operational F.A.Q.

Issue Tracker

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Hosted Instances

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Download & Setup:


To get up and running with HOMER just follow our step-by-step HOW-TO or checkout our GITHUB repository


To get up and running with CAPTAGENT just follow our step-by-step HOW-TO or checkout our GITHUB repository


Alexandr Dubovikov

Founder / Lead Developer / Original Author

Lorenzo Mangani

Founder / Developer / UI Designer / QA

.. and many more!

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