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HOMER is part of the SIPCAPTURE stack: A robust, carrier-grade and modular VoIP and RTC Capture Framework for Analysis and Monitoring with native support for all major OSS Voice platforms and vendor-agnostic Capture agents. HOMER counts thousands of deployments worldwide including notorious industry vendors, voice network operators and fortune 500 enterprises, providing advanced search, end-to-end analysis and packet drill-down capabilities for ITSPs, VoIP Providers and Trunk Suppliers using and relying on VoIP services and RTC technologies - All 100% Open-Source

Main Features

  • Capture Server

    Thousands of packets/sec
    Multiple database options
    Powerful UI Search/Filter
    Native Call-Flow & PCAP
    Statistic Charts & Analytics
    REST API & Widgets
    Multi-User LDAP, Radius
    Angular/JS User-Interface

  • Capture Agent

    HEP3 Encapsulation
    Payload Encryption
    Payload Compression
    Modular Design
    TLS Support
    Heavy-Duty, Prod. Ready

  • Core

    HEP/EEP Protocol
    SIP Signaling
    RTCP Protocol
    RTCP-XR Protocol
    WebRTC Signaling
    LOG Collector
    Geo Mapping
    Docker Support

HEP/EEP Supported Platforms

HEP/EEP Encapsulation allows packet mirroring without altering the original IP datagram and header contents and provides flexible allocation of additional chunks containing additional arbitrary data and payloads.
HEP/EEP is natively supported in a growing number of VoIP and RTC platforms, including:


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    Online access to our Dev Team
    API/UI Customizations
    Accelerate Integrations

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    Hotfixes, Upgrades Included

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