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Carrier-Grade RTC Capture, Monitoring and Big-Data Analytics

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RTC Troubleshooting just got #hepic

We Capture, Index and Store RTC Packets and programmable Service Metrics to save your Business plenty of Time and Money.

From the makers of HOMER, one of the most popular and useful Open-Source VoIP & RTC Monitoring projects around, HEPIC was Crafted from the ground up to provide all the critical features for the modern Telco and shipping full of advanced features, including Real-Time Session Tracking, RTP Analyzers, Cross-Protocol Correlation, Group Aggregations, Big-Data, Intelligent Alerting, Partitioning, Clustering and much more. All fully compatible with our existing Open-Source HEP Stack and Agents, delivering the best of both worlds.

Our Team designed and deployed solutions for some of the smartest Carriers and Operators Worldwide - Are you the Next One?

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Monitoring & Troubleshooting
    Our perpetual capture systems makes investigating issues on complex networks an easier task by helping identify users and systems, reporting on usage, monitoring devices and correlating protocols and logs without impacting live services.

  • Enforce Privacy-Friendly Media QoS
    Our dedicated RTP Agent can capture, correlate and mirror media streams and emit real-time granular media analytics at custom frequency, complete with Jitter/RTT/Loss/Skew metrics, producing a reliable MOS/R-Factor at a fraction of resource costs.

  • Unify Distributed Architectures
    Our core allows Engineers to consistently see the "big picture" by supporting swarms of HEP agents, native or dedicated, to be paired to any running instance in the monitored stack as it grows and shrinks, pairing with its deployment and cost model.

  • Reduce Troubleshooting Risk and Security Breaches
    Our suite of tightly integrated tools is designed for perpetual passive monitoring, optimised to quickly drive end-to-end session analysis investigations, reducing the need for remote engineering access and tools on service critical systems.

  • Perform Network & Business Analytics
    The integrated HSP engine can group and aggregate passively obtained metrics into statistic branches defining network elements customer groups and their relations over time, providing a completely dynamic ground for alerts and anomaly detection.

  • Integrate with 3rd party products
    HEPIC can transparently provide advanced RTC monitoring and real-time tracking functionality, actiong as a vendor agnostic API in front of any platform, and with its native partitioning support can allow operators to offer self-troubleshooting tools.

HEPIC Features

  • Core Features

    Real-Time Tracking
    Multi Protocol In/Out
    Big Data Analytics
    Media Interception
    Native Partitioning
    Multi-User LDAP, Radius
    Distributed, Clustered
    REST API, Integration Ready

  • Pro Agent

    HEP3 Encapsulation
    Payload Encryption
    Payload Compression
    SIP TLS Hook Support
    RTP Recording On-Demand
    Heavy-Duty, Prod. Ready

  • Protocols

    RTCP-XR Vq

HEP Stack Rockstar

HEPIC is designed to make the best of the HEP/EEP stack and its many open and commercial integrations,
bundled with RTPAgent to delivery a privacy-friendly and low-resource instrument to measure RTC media QoS

Here's a quick overlay with our OSS Product HOMER outlining common features and shared HEP Agents:

The HEP/EEP Encapsulation technology allows packet mirroring without altering the original IP datagram and header contents and provides flexible allocation of additional chunks containing additional arbitrary data and payloads.

HEP/EEP is natively supported in a growing number of VoIP and RTC platforms, including:


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